The following brief exercise illustrates some common entrepreneurial features. It is meant to assist students to evaluate whether the entrepreneurial situation is one they would be happy with or want to avoid. The goal is to encourage reflection on the possible advantages and disadvantages of corporate careers versus self-employment. There are no wrong or right answers, only a promotion of self-insight. For the person more suited to a corporate career, being in an entrepreneurial situation may be no picnic, and vice versa.



Twenty Questions to Determine How Entrepreneurial You Are

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Are you able to identify a problem and fix it without being told to?

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Is the glass half full, or half empty?

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Where others see problems do you see opportunities?

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Do you like to be a leader?

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Do you dislike difficult challenges?

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Do you believe that you can make things happen?

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Do you enjoy the big picture rather than the technical details?

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Would you rather fail trying something difficult than succeed doing something straightforward?

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Would you be put off doing a difficult task until another time if something more interesting but less urgent comes up?

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Do you take full responsibility for your actions?

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Would you rather work by yourself than with other people?

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Are you disorganized?

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Would you rather come to a decision after carefully considering all of the problems that might occur?

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Do you enjoy trying new things?

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Do you follow the mainstream opinion?

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Are you able to maintain careful records in laboratory classes?

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In the laboratory, do you like to try different experiments even though you know they will not all work as planned?

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Do you like to work hard to achieve a high level in whatever you are doing?

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Would you rather be rewarded immediately than have to wait, even if by waiting your reward is greater?

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Do you agree that uncertainty, confusion, and chaos can belong in any work place?

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